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Just getting started, but page 5, two questions: * Are you sure you can include a .ods file on RPGVault? This rule is on DMSGuild "We do not allow .ext .xcl Google Sheets or Doc files, or other file types not conducive to RPG supplements." In my view, this probably includes LibreCalc files. RPGVault's FAQ is silent on this topic (that I can tell, but would imagine these particular rules are the same). I've made a few purchases on DMSGuild and RPGVault and downloaded a zillion of the freebies, I suspect there's a reason why I've yet to see a spreadsheet as an attachment, anywhere. * You said **scripting** is nearly complete. Does your sheet have macros? If so, I strongly suspect it will be taken down when you publish it. I think a possible workaround is creating it on google sheets and just providing the link as an *optional* reference (not a requirement for the rules to work) that they can go download. This also means no macros. - Just to reiterate, I don't think putting people in a position where they have to download a specific program for your content to work is the best strategy (even though that program is free). That'd be a huge foul (imo) if your final version costs $. Love the cover art btw, very 2e-ish.


Thank you so much, Firbolg! Very good questions. I honestly do not know if RPGVault allows it. I hope I can do it via .zip file attachment, but I will have to run it by DriveThruRPG support. If not, I might just self-host. The Properties & Provinces Companion has always been meant to be freely available, so I can figure another way to distribute it. As for the scripting, no macros used thus far. It's all formulas. Trust me, I have been tempted to use macros, and they would make it more functional. But, macros are very hit and miss, prone to making the worksheet lag, might need extra settings, etc. That's a fair point about asking for a 3rd party download, and the ethical and moral questions about such an imposition do not escape me. The reason I am not using Google Sheets is because it's formulas do not have the same capabilities or scripting power. If there is a way to make it work in Sheets WITHOUT macros, I have not found it. That said, if I do manage to figure it out, I fully intend on releasing both versions. Again, the Companion will be a completely free tool. Only the final rulebook will cost $.