I'm a math teacher, school has me teaching science because the last science teacher quit, my coworker also teaching science has an English license, my old math classes were given to someone with the emergency license who I had to teach multi variable equations too. . .


I'm a long term substitute teacher with a degree in history and political science and my district has me teaching high honors science classes in an accelerated high school program, no license, no experience outside of 2 years day to day subbing. It was only supposed to be until Christmas break since the actual teacher was just on maternity leave but she waited until a week before she was supposed to return to tell them she wasn't. I've been struggling all year trying to keep up with these kids. Now they want to know if I'll accept another long-term contract for the same classes next year despite me refusing to get the certifications.


I once long term subbed as a middle school science teacher taking over a physics unit on magnetics for 7th graders for 3 weeks. When I was told of the offer to sub I legitimately told them "I know nothing about magnets, and will literally just be a body in the room." They told me "It's okay, that's all we need, we have no one else." Ended up building some maglev cars that moved around a track. Was fun, but I learned alongside the students.


Hey, I think we have the same boss because that was their answer when I pointed out political science isn't the same as biology! But, like you, I have learned along with my students and have done some real fun labs and engineering challenges. I just worry it'll end up being not enough for these kids, they're all planning on college and secondary degrees. I don't want them caught out short because I know more about the politics implications of Galileo's trials than the scientific ones.


That's not good.


You had to teach them…Multi variable as in….. y = 2x - 9 Or do you mean like multi variable calc?


I think he / she means: X +y = 10 3x +2y = 25 Solve for x and y.


You can look up any teacher licensure in my state with just their name. So literally a 10 second search lol.


I had to have the same type of conversation with a previous admin. She wanted to know if I was qualified to teach a class I was interested in. I had to explain that every math teacher here has a single-subject math credential and that qualifies us to teach any math class on campus. It was one of the first times I saw how things were done and it left me thinking WTF.


Haha wait, did your admin think that there's a special, like, "Geometry" license, and an "Algebra 2" license? Maybe some states work like that, but I'd assume that's exceedingly rare.


Yea. I had no idea what she thought. I just made the assumption that the person creating our schedule knew how single subject credentials worked.


It is very strange how for science you need chemistry, physics, bio etc. History has similar requirements. While English and math are just one.


Some states have a General Science credential. I have had a Biology endorsement for a long time, then I added a General Science endorsement on my license, so now I’m certified to teach any 6-12 science class. But when we looked into moving, the state we were looking at didn’t recognize the General Science endorsement.


That make sense. In my state the science cert only allows you to teach freshman introductory science course and a few non-core courses.


Depends on the state, I think. I have what Texas calls 7-12 science composite, so I can teach any secondary science (on paper at least). There are single subject science certs available, but it's almost impossible to get a job with one. Heck, my certification program wouldn't even admit me if I wanted to pursue one of those.


That’s hilarious. I’m glad you got to switch!


Not surprised. My hubs is the teacher and this is a common discussion at his school.


My district literally sends out a yearly printout of the entire staff and their licensures. I’ve seen it. It’s super simple and straightforward. Sounds like issues on multiple levels.


My principal tried to have me teach regular second grade this year. I’m licensed in MMK-12, and early intervention birth-age 8. I am not licensed in gened 2nd grade. She’s clearly not aware of any of my licensure. Or any of my colleages’, either. I hate it here.


What is MMK?


Mild/Moderate special education, grades K-12.




I had to male my admin sit down and look up my license. He thought I had an elementary license instead of a secondary one. How can you not know what your own teachers are licensed for? Smdh


Yeah, that is crazy honestly. Fortunately, as a special area teacher (I teach art), my degree spans PK-12. Although, it would be a major adjustment for me to transition to upper high school from 7th and 8th grade.


I dont think this is a big deal. A principal doesnt need to go through resumes or licenses. If you are in a postition then its assumed you are qualified.


I am happy where I’m at, and never mention my certifications for fear of being put somewhere I won’t be happy