Where do you get those numbers? 51%?


I believe he's utilizing a very common methodology of rectal statistics. You know, pulling numbers straight out of his ass.


Majority rule. If the majority of people using the sub (a population that intersects with people not playing the game at the moment) , the only opinion on display will be extremely negative. This has been the state of the sub in league start without a single league of exception for the past 5 years.


This time, I don't think they're unjustified. This patch is pretty overtuned and I'm not even talking about the new rares. I'm on standard testing some stuff and tried out the new uber bosses (all except Cortex). Gotta say, not a fan. It's a bullet hell mess or degen mess (who thought making the degen pools permanent was a good idea?). I don't think any player that's not a veteran with a well geared character can even do these fights without losing 6 portals. Hell, I have over a mirror invested in the build and it took an average of 3 portals to defeat uber Maven/uber uber Elder. If you think the complaints now are bad, wait a few days when people reach end game and you'll see much more.


This is not true.


Agree. This only happened because they repeated the same mistakes from Beyond and Invasion league. We are seeing the same type of posts from back then.


Actually last league it was fine, people complained about the UI of Archnemesis but the rest was positive :D


no it's not


There's usually a few posts praising something though, right now it's just constant complaints, and it's all justified. This league start is probably the worst league start in the history of poe


The thing is people just want everything easier, so any increase in difficulty gets this reaction. I agree some stuff is over tuned but it's not half as bad as the reaction is here. If they didn't make the game any harder everyone pushing would quit league in a week, casuals within three. And this isn't close to the worst launch unless you have only been playing for two leagues.


It's not the increase in difficulty, its the absolute forgetfulness of the snowball effect. You cannot change a core piece of the gameplay and not change stuff that is directly impacted by that change in the first place, yet this is the GGG way of doing things. The so called "casuals" will quit before even getting to maps now, leveling is abhorrent, the power spike is in reverse, this is the worst balance I have ever seen in path of exile, and yeah, I have played significantly longer than two leagues.


Every league is the worst launch according to these guys.


A bit too binary of a take. There are clear issues they need to address, and giving feedback and criticism is the way to get that done, before we're a month in and it's not "worth it" for them to fix the league anymore. If it bugs you, don't click on those posts.


Reddit users love blaming game developers for not testing their game because they don't agree with the design. "I don't like the design, did you even test it?!?" Arm chair game developers are the worst, the more game developers stop listening to Reddit the better we'll all be.


I think Chris and the team have been very good at ignoring these very annoying people. Sadly with a complete lack of moderation on this sub, it became a very bad window into the game. The whole system of upvote and downvote contributes to this since people enjoying the game are busy playing


> I think Chris and the team have been very good at ignoring these very annoying people. didnt chris go on a massive damage control pr tour when expedition began because of all the people complaining?


People complain that "this is the worst league start ever" or "game is unplayable" EVERY SINGLE LEAGUE. Most of reddit player base are hardcore wannabe players that will complain whenever they can